Personalized Wrapped Hershey’s Chocolate

At WhimsyWraps we create unique and stylish wrapped Hershey's chocolate bars perfect for weddings and other special moments. Personalized with the couple’s name and wedding details, our whimsical designs offer an alternative to the traditional tulle and ribbon-wrapped wedding candy, the ubiquitous Jordan almond. Wrapped Hershey chocolate favors are more thoughtful and unique, and are just the kind of sweet treat that guests are delighted to take home.

Our whimsical collection of wrapped chocolate bars display bright, vivid imagery in both retro and modern designs featuring brilliant colors, distinctive backgrounds, and distinctive typefaces. We have personally created all of the designs you see in our collection and know that their exceptional styling and creativity can't be found anywhere else.
Ideas and Inspiration

What are Chocolate Bar Wrappers?

Our collection of chocolate wrappers turn a standard Hershey milk chocolate bar into a creative party favor or gift. We wrap the custom printed wrapper around the existing packaging of the chocolate bar and secure it in place. The original crisp wrap packaging of the chocolate bar is never opened and remains sealed around the chocolate bar. This safely ensures freshness and keeps all notices and nutritional information for the product in place.