Chocolate Bar Wrapping Instructions

All of our chocolate bar designs are available as DIY “wrappers only”. This budget-friendly option is perfect if you are a bit crafty and wish to lower your order and shipping costs. We include instructions with every order.

YOU WILL NEED:  Chocolate bars  •  Foil sheets (included)  •  WhimsyWraps wrappers  •  Tape  •  Gluestick

1Fold both ends of the plastic wrapper flat to the front of the chocolate bar and secure with tape (tape is optional).

2Place a sheet of foil paper shiny side down. Place the chocolate bar face down on the foil paper.

Fold the foil paper over both ends of the chocolate bar.

3Fold the bottom flap of foil up to partially cover the back of the bar. Place a small dab of glue under the top flap.

4Fold the top flap of foil down gently pulling the foil paper tight.
Your chocolate bar is now ready for it’s personalized wrapper!

5Using a gluestick, apply glue along the “GLUE HERE” end of the wrapper.

6Fold the wrapper around the bar, using the text “” as a position guide.

7Bring the other end of the wrapper over the bar and pull tight, applying pressure to seal.


Great job! Your chocolate bar is ready to enjoy.




Would you like to download and print these instructions?

Download Instructions


Frequently asked questions:

Which chocolate bars do my wrappers fit?
Check your order confirmation — wrappers are printed to the specific size you selected when you placed your order. Sizes are not interchangeable.

Which bar size do I buy at my local store?
See our chocolate bar size guide for details.

What is included in my wrapper only order?
We include foil sheets in the colour of your choice, your personalized wrappers, and a copy of the instructions above.

Do I remove the original plastic wrapper?
You can leave the original packaging on your chocolate bars. Our wrappers are designed to be applied over the original plastic packaging.

Help! I need to order more wrappers...
If you'd like to re-order more wrappers or chocolate bars, please contact us with your original 6-digit order number and details of your re-order.

Speed Tips:

Once you’ve practiced with a few chocolate bars, the following tips might help speed the process:

  • Foil wrap all your chocolate bars first (steps 1-4) then apply all your wrappers (steps 5-7).
  • Apply glue to 4-5 wrappers at a time. Lay the wrappers on top of each other, offset with just the glue area of each wrapper showing. Apply glue to all the wrappers at once as you carefully hold the stack in place.
  • You can eliminate the tape in step 1 by simply folding in the ends of the plastic wrapper and laying the bar face down on the foil sheet.
  • Gather some friends to give you a hand – you may discover some amazing DIY crafting talent. Chocolate is a great motivator!
Other Tips:
  • The tighter the wrap, the better the look.
  • Don’t worry about a few wrinkles when wrapping the foil sheets — the printed wrapper covers most of them.
  • Avoid using liquid glue. Not only will it take too long to dry, it’s messy and will result in ridges/puckering along the sealed edge.
  • If you will be writing on your wrappers, use a good-quality fine-tipped ink pen (such as a thin Sharpie) and allow the ink to dry thoroughly before attempting to wrap your chocolate bars (overnight is best). Test your pen on an extra or unseen area of a wrapper before beginning to ensure it won't rub off.