Custom Fonts

We have thoughtfully selected all of the fonts used in our designs to work with the overall style of the wrapper. While we can make changes provided the font does not form the basis of the design, be aware that changing a font can dramatically change the look of a design. We recommend choosing new fonts carefully.

Is There A Cost To Customize Fonts?

There is no fee for a font change request provided the new font will work with the design. A fee may apply for involved changes; for example, if the original font is a small print, replacing it with sprawling script will not be possible without extra design time to correct the placement and possibly adjust other elements in the design.

Multiple font changes in a design are available only with the purchase of our additional design time ($15).

How To Select A Custom Font?

Please be specific about which lines of text you want to change, as many of our designs incorporate several fonts. Note in your order instructions the lines you wish to change and include the 3-digit font number of your new selection (taken from the list below).


Tips for choosing fonts:
  • Take care not to select overly fancy or heavily scripted fonts for areas with a lot of text (such as your personal message). These font styles become hard to read when sized down.
  • When customizing a monogram, single letter monograms may easily use script or fancy fonts. For 2-3 inital monograms, simpler font selections are best as they will be easier to read.
  • Special characters, such as those with foreign accents, are not available in all fonts. If your selection requires characters that are not available, we will do our best to suggest an alternate font style.
  • When making font changes, please allow time to receive and review a proof. This will give you the chance to see your chosen fonts in place before your wrappers are printed. Fast or rush process orders (where no print approval is required) may not be returned if you do not like how your chosen fonts look when printed.