Available Foil Colours

Most commercial chocolate bars are now packaged in plastic wrappers to ensure freshness. We offer foil paper with your order to reproduce the classic chocolate bar look. The following colours of foil paper are available:

Silver • free

Gold +6¢

Copper / Orange +6¢

Red +6¢

Fushia +6¢

Pink +6¢

Lavender +6¢

Light Green +6¢

Green +6¢

Blue +6¢

Teal +6¢

If you order wrappers only, foil sheets in the colour of your choosing will be included along with helpful wrapping instructions. Our foil sheets have a paper backing on them for easy wrapping over the original packaging (no crumples!) and the process is as easy as wrapping a gift.

If you order fully-assembled Hershey chocolate bars, we will first wrap your chosen colour of foil over the original plastic packaging of the chocolate bar before securing your personalized wrapper over top. Note: We do not remove the original plastic wrapper in order to maintain freshness and to retain product and nutritional information (including allergen warnings).

Foil sheets to wrap chocolate bars are also available to purchase as individual sheets or packs of 500. Browse Foil Paper Sheets