Our Eco-Friendly Choices

Environmental responsibility isn’t about giving things up - it’s about making smarter choices, understanding those choices and feeling good about those choices. At WhimsyWraps, we believe that all of us should contribute to the health of our planet in as many ways as we can. We can help you make the right choices to support your environmental priorities.

Environmentally-Friendly Printing | Non-toxic and child safe | Recycled Paper | Eco-Shipping Materials

Environmentally-Friendly Printing

Our printing process is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to put an image on paper. From nearly waste-free printing to safe, toxin-free ink, it was designed with the earth in mind.

Solid ink results in 95% less waste that color laser tonerMore than an 95% reduction in waste:
For every 100,000 candy wrappers we print, a our printers generate approximately 5 lbs. of packaging waste compared to approximately 157 lbs. for a typical color laser printer. We have no bulky cartridges to dispose of and almost no packaging waste.

Non-toxic and child safeNon-toxic and child safe

We use non-toxic ink — similar to a crayon, safe to handle even by small children — unlike typical color laser printers that use chemical solvents. This makes our printing process perfect for personalized items used close to food products.

The ink we use reduces CO2 emissions and uses less fuel when shipping from our supplier because the ink packages are smaller and lighter than toner cartridges. Also, less energy is used to manufacture solid ink because of the simplicity of the design.


Recycled Paper

Recycled paper reduces logging and benefits forestry management as well as reduces energy consumption, water usage and landfill space.

When you order our candy wrappers, your order is printed on our premium gloss paper. Our gloss paper contains 10% post consumer recycled content while still offering a smooth, almost satin feel that provides superb results for vivid color. These days, recycled or green paper no longer looks recycled. Our gloss paper is a great environmental choice offering stunning results.

Our paper is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and comes from well-managed forests where people, wildlife and the environment benefit from the forestry practices. Profitable and well-managed forests keep the forests healthy and discourage development.

Eco-Shipping Materials

We carefully choose the materials we use to ship your packages. We strive to reduce the amount of material we use when packing your order but at the same time make sure that your items will arrive in perfect condition. To help reduce our environmental impact, when possible, we re-use packing materials from our suppliers or use shredded materials from our own production process.

For our packing materials we use 100% / 50% mixed recycled fiber shipping boxes and shredded paper from our production waste as protective filler.

We encourage you to re-use or recycle our packaging materials once your order is delivered.

Read more about our available shipping options.


We believe that environmental responsibility is a multifaceted effort, and as a company, we are doing our best to make sustainable, smart choices. We pledge to continue to work diligently to improve our environmental impact.

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