Our Environment

Helping save Earth. it's the only planet with chocolate.

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to contribute to the health of our planet. While all manufacturing processes have environmental consequences, our aim is to minimize our impact whenever possible. Please consider re‑using or recycling our packaging materials once your order is delivered.

Recycled Paper

All of our chocolate bar wrappers are printed on heavyweight premium gloss-coated paper stock that contains 10% recycled post-consumer waste, is FSC‑certified, elemental chlorine‑free (ECF) and acid‑free archival quality. Recycled paper reduces logging and benefits forestry management as well as reduces energy consumption, water usage and landfill space.

Digital Printing

We use a high‑quality digital printing press that utilizes a four‑colour ink process. Our digital printing process creates less waste and does not use water, unlike traditional printing processes, as well as minimizes much of the physical and chemical waste more prevalent in traditional printing.

Eco‑Friendly Shipping Materials

We carefully choose the materials we use to ship your packages. We aim to reduce the amount of material we use, while still ensuring that your order arrives in perfect condition. Whenever possible, we re‑use packing materials from our suppliers or shredded materials from our own production process. Our shipping boxes are manufactured from a mix of 100% and 50% mixed recycled fibre, and during the summer months our cold packaging utilizes re‑usable frozen gel packs and recyclable insulated foil pouches in place of ozone damaging HFC‑producing styrofoam.