How to upload your image to Close

Image File Requirements
• File Format: JPEG: RGB color or Grayscale
• File Size: Under 4MB
• Minimum Image Dimensions: 900 x 1200 pixels for best results

How to prepare an image
You can use an image that you have scanned, downloaded from a digital camera, or retrieved from a photo CD to create your own image. We do not recommend using images created for or taken from the internet. They are generally not print quality images.

Please read the following instructions carefully.

Image Quality
The quality of your printed wrapper is a direct result of the quality of the image or photo that you supply. For best results, start with a clear, high-resolution image. It is important for you to preview your image carefully as we do not proof them before printing.

There are at least two components to measuring the quality of a digital image:

  • The image resolution - or the number of pixels in your image file. The larger the number of pixels, the more information there is for us to use when printing. When you upload your image, we'll display a meter that shows you the image's resolution.
  • The subjective quality of the image. This is not something our system - or any computer - can measure. If the image is out of focus, over exposed, poorly composed or contains too much contrast, it may still rate high on the resolution meter but it may not look good when it is printed. If you are unsure, we recommend that you contact us before you submit your order.

File Format
Your color image file must be formatted as a RGB JPEG file to successfully upload. If your image is black and white, it should be a Grayscale JPEG file for true black and white printing. We do not recommend composite images of both color and black and white. The black and white portion of your image may print with a slight color tint.

We recommend that the image dimensions for best results be atleast 900 x 1200 pixels. Most digital cameras set to a medium quallity setting should produce a sufficent file size.

Provided you have followed the pixel dimensions outlined above, the resolution of your image will be 300 dots per inch (DPI). If you are using text in your image, we recommend a resolution of 600 dots per inch (DPI) therefore, double the pixel count. Your pixel dimensions will be at least 1800x 2400.

The file size must be less than 4 megabytes. If your software permits you to choose the compression quality, choose the highest quality possible while keeping the file size less than 4 megabytes. We don't recommend applying compression with a quality rating of less than 9 (by Photoshop's settings). If you need to go below 9 to achieve file size, consider reducing the pixel count rather than applying additional compression.

Pay close attention to the preview image. Images that are incorrectly oriented in your preview will not print correctly. Make sure that your image does not appear upside down, or horizontal (landscape) if it is meant to be vertical (portrait). The orientation that we receive the image will the the orientation that it is printed. You can rotate your image in common photo software (Kodak Picture CD, Adobe Photoshop, etc).

If none of this makes sense, just print this page out and take it to a film processor. You can find one in the Yellow Pages under Photo Finishing or Digital Imaging. They will scan your photo or image to meet our specifications.

Note: Large files may take a long time to upload or may not upload at all, depending on the speed of your internet connection and/or the file size limits set by your Internet Service Provider.