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Will I receive a proof?

Yes! With normal processing, we provide a proof of your design by e-mail for you to review and approve before your wrappers are printed. Proofs are typically sent within 1-2 business days. Your initial proof plus up to two revisions are included; additional proofs are available for a fee (though rarely needed). We want you to love your wrappers, and will work with you until you’re happy with the final result.

Proofs are not provided for orders placed with fast or rush processing. Due to the expedited nature of these services, your order is sent directly to production after it has been submitted. Please review your order carefully for any errors or omissions, as what you provide is what will be printed.

After you have approved your proof, or upon placement of your order for fast or rush processing, your order moves to production and changes may no longer be possible.

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Can I see a proof before I place an order?

Artwork for every order we produce is prepared by our in-house designers, not automated software. Due to the time involved in preparing personalized artwork, proofs are only sent after your paid order is submitted.

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Why can't I see an instant online preview?

Our personalization options and layouts require a human touch. Artwork for every order we produce is prepared by our in-house graphic designers, who take time and great care to produce a quality proof. Online programs do not offer the flexibility of an actual designer, and cannot make the many adjustments to fonts, spacing, image placement, and more that result in the best possible layout. Instead of a limiting “instant” preview option, you will receive a proof that has been created with care and attention by an actual designer.

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Will my wrappers look like the example?

Provided you don’t request specific changes to the layout, your proof artwork will be prepared following the design example. Messages, numbers, names, etc. shown on the example may all be changed to whatever you like; simply enter the text you want included in the fields provided during the order process.

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How do I include special instructions?

We provide a blank “special instructions” field during the order process that you can use to outline comments you want the designer working with your order to see. Every order we receive is carefully reviewed and handled by an actual person, and we will contact you if we have any questions regarding the information you’ve provided.

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Do you have a minimum order quantity?

We have a minimum order quantity of 24 wrappers or assembled bars.

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Can I order more than one design?

Absolutely! Mixing and matching designs (or chocolate bar varieties) for an event is a fun option. Provided each design or wrapper size within your order meets our minimum quantity of 24, you’re free to order as many different designs or sizes as you like.

Orders containing more than one design (or “split orders”, where one design is split into smaller batches that are to be personalized or sized differently) do not qualify for an overall volume discount. 

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Will you proofread my text?

While we do our best to call attention to any errors we may see while preparing your proof, it is ultimately your responsibility to proofread your text for any errors and notify us of any required changes. With normal process orders, you will have the opportunity to review your text as part of the proofing process. 

Due to expedited production, fast and rush orders will not receive a proof — what you submit is what will be printed. Please review your text very carefully before placing your order.

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Do you offer samples?

Yes! Ordering samples is a great way for you to assess our paper, print quality, and see how the colours of a design will appear on paper versus your computer monitor. The option to order a sample kit is available on any product page.

Your sample kit will contain up to three non-personalized Hershey-sized wrappers in the designs of your choosing, up to three foil swatches in the colours of your choosing, and a printed version of our custom colour chart (so helpful if you want to colour match!). There is a nominal cost of $3.00 for our sample kit, shipping included, however we will include a discount code valid for this cost off of a future order. Order a sample

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How can I make changes to my order?

There’s no need to cancel your order and start over. Simply contact us with your 6-digit order number and let us know the changes that you would like to make. We will adjust your order and confirm your requested changes have been made. Some changes may cost extra, or result in a refund — we’ll let you know either way.

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What if I need to order more?

If you would like to place a new order using approved artwork from a previous order, please contact us with your original 6-digit order number and details of the quantity you need. You may be eligible for a re-print discount if no new proof is required.

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Can I change the fonts used in a design?

Yes. While the fonts used in our designs have been thoughtfully selected by a graphic artist to work with the overall style of the wrapper, we do allow changes provided the font does not form the basis of the design. Please be aware that changing a font can dramatically change the look of a design. If you would like to request a font change, please review our online font list and provide us with the number of your selected font, and tell us where you would like it used. There is no change for a single font change; multiple changes may incur an additional design fee.

View font list

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Can I make colour changes?

Yes. We allow you to change the colour of the wrapper background, fonts, or elements within the design. Most single colour change requests are available free of charge, however the selection of a premium colour (noted with a white star on our colour chart) for the background or other large-area coverage is subject to an additional fee of 15¢ per wrapper. Requests to change multiple colours within a design may incur an additional design fee. To request a colour change when ordering, please review our online colour chart, then advise us of the name or colour code of your selection and tell us where you would like it used.

View colour chart

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Is there a fee to make design changes?

It depends on the changes you request. There is no fee for a single font or non-premium colour change request. Additional fees will apply for premium colour printing (typically an additional 15¢ per wrapper) or multiple font or colour changes within a single design. Requests to modify graphics, remove elements of a design, etc. will generally require an additional fee for added design time. We invite you to contact us prior to ordering if you’d like to know if the changes you wish to make will incur any additional cost.

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Will the printed colours match my screen?

We make every effort to display colours as accurately as possible. The colours you see will depend on your monitor and settings, which can vary significantly. We cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any colour will be accurate. We recommend ordering a sample kit, which contains a printed copy of our colour chart, for purposes of colour matching or if you would like to view how our colours appear on paper before making a selection.

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Do you print metallics or foil?

We’re unfortunately unable to print metallics or foil. If you wish to have a gold or silver look, please select your choice of gold-tone or silver-tone ink. Listed designs that incorporate gold or silver toned ink are marked “faux metallic”. There will not be a metallic finish on your printed wrappers.

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Can you help me with wording?

Sure! When placing your order you will have the option to view some of our suggested messages, quotes and layouts, and we also welcome your requests for help. Our top tip? Be creative and think outside the box. Music lyrics from a special song, lines from a meaningful poem, or quotes from a favorite movie or book can all become personal and heartfelt additions to your message.

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Are you able to print in other languages?

Yes! We’re happy to print whatever text you provide. Please note that not all fonts have the special characters (such as accented letters) needed to print in another language. If we’re unable to use the displayed font for your personalization, we will contact you with alternate suggestions.

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Can I order any design for any event?

Absolutely! Do not feel limited — every design we offer may be personalized for any occasion you wish. Simply provide the text you wish to use for the front and back, and we’ll take care of the rest.

answer35 Personalization
Do you have character wrappers (eg. Frozen)?

All licensed characters (Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Tank Engine, anything Disney, etc.) are protected by copyright and licensing restrictions, and we cannot legally reproduce them. Consider a design that will complement your theme; if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us. Custom design is a specialty of ours!

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What type of paper and printing do you offer?

We print all our wrappers on heavyweight premium gloss-coated paper, using a high-quality digital printing press that utilizes a four-colour ink process. Our digital printing process creates less waste and does not use water, unlike traditional printing processes. Our paper stock contains 10% recycled post-consumer waste, is FSC-certified, elemental chlorine free (ECF), and acid-free/archival quality. The colour on your wrappers is guaranteed not to run or smudge.

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Do you add marketing to the wrappers?

Unlike other companies, we do not print our phone number or contact details on your wrappers. We do include a small copyright logo on the back of each wrapper to protect the rights of our design.

answer39 Personalization
Why does the back text look upside down?

When assembled, the orientation of the text on the back of your chocolate bars will depend on how you turn the bar. Flip the bar from top to bottom and the text will appear right side up. Turn the bar from side to side and the text will appear upside down. For purposes of authenticity and consistency, we model the orientation of the text on the back of our wrappers according to the manufacturer’s original packaging.

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Wrappers Only

What is included when I order wrappers only?

You will receive your printed wrappers, foil sheets in your selected colour and a printed copy of our step-by-step wrapping instructions. You will need to supply the chocolate bars your wrappers are sized to fit, and a glue stick or double-sided tape for assembly.

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Which chocolate bars do your wrappers fit?

We currently offer wrappers sized to fit Hershey Milk, Nestle Aero or Cadbury Caramilk bars. You can view a helpful chocolate bar size chart that details the correct bar sizes, weights and other specifications. Please note that our wrappers are sized uniquely for each chocolate bar variety and are not interchangeable.

answer19 Wrappers Only sizes, chocolate bar sizes, size chart, what kind of chocolate bars, wrapper size, dimensions
What supplies do I need?

All you need are the wrappers and foil sheets we provide, the chocolate bars you’ve purchased, a standard glue stick or double-sided tape, and a little bit of time.

answer20 Wrappers Only supplies, how to wrap, instructions
Is it hard to wrap chocolate bars?

Not at all. If you can wrap a gift, then you can wrap a chocolate bar, we promise! The process is simple, and we include helpful step-by-step instructions with your order to get you started. We typically also include an extra foil sheet or two with your order so you can get some practice in before the real wrapping begins.

answer21 Wrappers Only
How long will wrapping take?

Once you’ve got the hang of it the process moves quickly. Larger quantities will require more time, so plan accordingly. Set aside some time in the days leading up to your event to assemble your chocolate bars so you’re not rushing at the last minute. Consider asking friends or family to assist you to assemble a large quantity in record time – chocolate is a great motivator!

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Should I remove the original packaging?

Our wrappers and assembly process are designed to work with the manufacturer’s original packaging, and we don’t recommend removing it. This preserves freshness, and ensures the ingredients and allergen warnings are available to the recipient. It’s also much less messy this way!

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Assembled Chocolate Bars

What is included when I order chocolate bars?

You will receive your selected chocolate bars, fully assembled with your chosen foil colour and personalized wrapper secured over top. Your personalized chocolate bars will arrive ready to enjoy out of the box.

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Which chocolate bars do you offer?

We currently offer two options for assembled chocolate bars, Hershey Milk chocolate bars or premium Belgian chocolate bars (available in milk or dark). Hershey bars are available in the foil colour of your choosing. Belgian milk chocolate bars are available with gold or silver foil, while special order Belgian dark chocolate bars are available with gold foil only. Hershey bars are 45g in weight while our Belgian bars are 51g.

answer25 Assembled Chocolate Bars chocolate bars, chocolate bar types, chocolate bar sizes, sizes, kind of chocolate
Do you remove the original packaging?

Hershey bars remain sealed in their original packaging beneath the foil and your printed wrapper, preserving the original ingredient list and allergen warnings for the recipient. Belgian chocolate bars are wrapped in foil and your printed wrapper, with ingredients and allergen warnings printed on the wrapper directly in small print on the back.

answer26 Assembled Chocolate Bars original packaging, hershey wrapper
Are the chocolate bars nut-free?

Neither our Belgian or Hershey Milk chocolate bars actually contain nuts, however both are manufactured in facilities that may process nuts and nut products.  We do not offer a certified nut-free bar at this time.

answer27 Assembled Chocolate Bars allergy allergies peanuts nut free
Are the chocolate bars kosher?

Yes, both the Hershey Milk chocolate and Belgian milk or dark chocolate bars that we offer are certified OU-D kosher.

answer48 Assembled Chocolate Bars kosher
How should I store my chocolate bars?

We recommend storing your chocolate bars in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, heat (of course!) and strong odours. Resist the urge to refrigerate your chocolate bars, and whatever you do, please don’t put them in the freezer!

View our storage tips

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What is the shelf-life of the chocolate bars?

We replenish our chocolate bar stock regularly, so freshness is guaranteed. After shipping, the chocolate bars typically have a minimum shelf life of 8-12 months, though if stored properly will remain safe to eat for much longer.

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Photos & Logos

Can I add a photo to my wrappers?

Yes! This is the ultimate personalized touch, and we allow the option to include a photo on almost every design we offer – you’re not limited to photo-specific designs only.

Available photo options
Image Requirements
Photo Tips

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Is there a fee to add a photo?

No! We’re happy to include your photo on any design for no additional cost.

answer63 Photos & Logos photo, adding a photo, photo fee
Should I crop my photo?

We recommend starting with your full uncropped photo. After your photo is uploaded, you will have the opportunity to crop and adjust the position of your image to best fit the available photo space.

answer62 Photos & Logos photo, cropping, crop, photograph
Can I add a logo to my wrappers?

Yes! We’re happy to add your logo to any design. Most wrappers can accommodate a logo on either the front or back, based on your preference.

answer64 Photos & Logos business, corporate, logo, adding a logo
Is there a fee to add a logo?

No! We’re happy to include your logo on any design for no additional cost.

answer65 Photos & Logos logo, logo cost, adding a logo
Which logo format I should use?

Vector artwork prints best — we accept .eps, .pdf, and .svg vector files. If you don’t have a vector file, we accept high resolution .jpg and .png image files.

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Custom Design

Do you create custom designs?

Custom design is one of our specialties. Though we offer a large variety of designs and many options, if you haven’t yet found “the one”, or have a particular idea in mind we would love to create something special for you. Our design services are affordable, and limitless. If you can imagine it, we can create it!

We pride ourselves on creating original designs in-studio that are not sold or available anywhere else. While you’re more than welcome to share images for inspiration and ideas sourced elsewhere, we will not directly copy or reproduce the work of another designer. The beauty of design, however, is that there are endless ways to bring an idea to life. About custom design

answer41 Custom Design customize match artwork design your own services custom custom design
Can I design my own wrappers?

Absolutely! If you have design skills (or know someone who does) and wish to provide your own artwork we can help you with that. There is a one-time set-up fee of $20 for this service and you will need to provide your artwork in a print-ready file.

We provide blank templates for your design use, and our artwork submission guidelines should answer any technical questions you might have.

To place an order where you will be providing your own artwork, please contact us and we will collect the necessary information to prepare an order for you. More about Design Your Own

answer57 Custom Design custom, customize, match, design your own, my own artwork, submit your own artwork, design my own
Do you offer custom wrapper sizes?

Sorry, at this time we do not offer the option to customize our wrappers to fit other products.

answer58 Custom Design custom sizes, custom wrapper, other sizes


When will my order ship?

Order production times can vary based on the product and quantity you are ordering. For details, please review our current production schedule.

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How will my order ship?

We ship all orders with either Canada Post or UPS. During the order process, you will have the opportunity to review all available shipping options for your order (including price, and the estimated delivery date) before making your selection.

Postal delivery dates are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. If time is a factor, we recommend selecting a UPS service as they offer guaranteed delivery dates and enhanced tracking.

answer49 Shipping shipping, shipping method, canada post, ups, courier
Do you offer free shipping?

Free shipping is available for wrapper only orders totaling $50 or more (shipping within Canada and the US only). This option will be shown during the checkout process if your order qualifies. Orders shipped with this option are typically sent by Canada Post; tracking and delivery date are not guaranteed. We do not recommend selecting free shipping unless you can allow time for your package to arrive (typically 5-7 business days after it has been sent).

Free shipping is not available for orders containing chocolate bars. About free shipping

answer46 Shipping free shipping, offer, discount
Why was free shipping not offered to me?

There is a minimum order value to qualify for our free shipping promotion, and not all items are eligible. You will not receive the offer if your order total falls below this amount, contains excluded items (see below), or if you specify that you need your items sooner than our free shipping method is estimated to arrive.

Due to the size and weight of packages containing assembled chocolate bars, the additional packaging needed to ensure they arrive safely, and protective add-ons like requiring a signature upon delivery, it is unfortunately not possible for us to offer free shipping for chocolate bars as a standard service.

answer50 Shipping free shipping, offer, discount
Do you ship outside of Canada?

Yes! We ship our wrappers to most countries worldwide. A shipping rate will be provided during the checkout process based on your package weight and destination. Transit times for international packages cannot be guaranteed, and do not include possible delays in customs. Shipping rates for international customers do not include potential taxes, duty and/or import fees that may be applied to your package upon delivery to your country. These additional fees are the buyer’s responsibility.

We regret that we are unable to ship orders containing chocolate outside of Canada.

answer47 Shipping duty, tax, import fee, duties
Do you offer a rush service?

We do! You will have the option to select rush processing for your order during the checkout process. There is a non-refundable fee of $15 for rush service, in addition to your order cost.

NO PROOF WILL BE PROVIDED. With rush orders, what you submit is what will be printed, so please review your order carefully before sending it to us.

Wrapper only orders placed with rush processing will typically ship the next business day if placed before 3PM (PST). Assembled chocolate bars orders placed with rush processing will typically ship within 3 business days if placed before 3PM (PST). About order production times

answer59 Shipping rush, rush order
Do you ship chocolate in the summer?

We do! We ship orders containing chocolate across Canada year round. During the warm weather months (May-September), orders for chocolate bars must ship via 2-day or overnight service with UPS and will contain insulated cool packaging to protect your chocolate from the heat during transit. 

Insulated cool packaging and courier delivery do increase the cost of shipping, so whenever possible we recommend placing your order for summer events before our warm weather restrictions kick in. about summer shipping

answer51 Shipping summer, melting, hot weather, shipping chocolate in summer, melt
Can I pick up my order?

We do not offer order pick-up at this time.

For the convenience of local residents within the Lower Mainland of BC free or discounted shipping may be available for your order. Please contact us for confirmation of availability and to obtain a discount code to use when ordering. Postal code restrictions apply.

answer52 Shipping local, local pick up, pick-up, pickup, free shipping, offer, discount


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and payments through PayPal.

answer42 Payment payment method, credit card, how to pay
What currency do you use?

Our currency setting will default to either Canadian or US Dollars, depending on where you live. Please look for the country flag at the top of any page to verify which currency is selected. You can change the currency setting at any time by clicking on this flag.

answer43 Payment currency, US
Will I be charged sales tax?

Sales tax (GST, PST and/or QST, where applicable) is charged on every order shipping within Canada, and will be automatically calculated during checkout based on the current rates for your province. 

There is no provincial sales tax charged for orders shipping outside of Canada, however these orders may be subject to local taxes or fees upon delivery to your country. Any customs taxes, duties and/or other import fees on international orders are the buyer’s responsibility.

answer44 Payment tax, duty, import fee, taxes
Do you offer any discounts?

We offer various quantity discounts that are automatically applied if your order total meets the discount requirements. In addition, we often have other offers available. Please visit our deals and coupons page for current offers and restrictions. Most discounts cannot be combined.

answer45 Payment deal, coupon, coupon code, discount, discount code, offer, promotion

Cancellation & Returns

Can I cancel my order?

We begin processing your order soon after we receive it, however will make every effort to cancel it upon request provided we have not begun printing or assembling your items. There is a fee of $20 to cancel an order once artwork has been prepared. After printing, but prior to shipping, only the cost of shipping will be refunded.

For rush orders, the $20 cancellation fee is applicable upon order submission, and is charged in addition to the non-refundable rush processing fee of $15.

Read our cancellation policy

answer53 Cancellation & Returns cancel, penalty, cancellation, fee
Why is there a cancellation fee?

We begin work on your order soon after it has been received. A member of our design team takes time to prepare a fully personalized artwork proof for your review. If you cancel after this artwork has been prepared the cancellation fee is applied in consideration of this design time.

answer54 Cancellation & Returns cancellation, penalty, fee, cancel
Can I change my order?

Yes. Provided your order has not yet been printed, we do allow changes. Up to two proof revisions are included with every order; additional proof rounds are available (if needed) for a nominal fee.

If you would like to change your chosen design to another selection, alter your quantity, or place your order on a temporary hold while you make adjustments to your event details, please let us know. We do our best to be flexible, and in some cases making simple changes can prevent the need for you to cancel your order completely. Please contact us to discuss any changes you wish to make.

answer55 Cancellation & Returns change, cancellation, cancel, making changes
How do I change my order?

If you’ve placed an order and wish to make changes, including altering your design selection, adjusting your quantity or adding or removing optional extras, there’s no need to cancel and start over! Simply contact us with your 6-digit order number and we will make your requested changes for you.

answer67 Cancellation & Returns change, changes, how to change, need to change my order, changing my order, changing an order
Can I return my order?

We want you to love your chocolate bars! If you’re unhappy with your order for any reason, please let us know so we can work with you to make it right.

As your order for personalized items has been created especially for you, it cannot be returned unless there has been an error on our part. See our complete return policy for details. We do accept returns on foil products or non-personalized items (excluding chocolate) within 14 days of delivery, provided they are returned unopened and in original condition. Please contact us to initiate a return. We regret that we cannot accept unauthorized returns.

Read our return policy

answer56 Cancellation & Returns return, return policy