Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

When it comes to planning a wedding, there is certainly no shortage of things to take care of. From finding the perfect dress or that amazing tux, to choosing the most elegant wedding cake and best food, to finding and decorating the perfect reception hall, there is always plenty to occupy your time.

One of the smaller details that can sometimes be overlooked or left to the last minute is choosing a favor for your guests.

Personalized Candy Wrappers

Over the years wedding favors have become increasingly popular. Guests often look forward to receiving a keepsake favor to take home with them after the wedding celebration.

Many couples opt to give the guests something edible. One of the hottest wedding (and shower) favor ideas these days is candy. Personalized candy wrappers with the couple's name and wedding details offer an alternative to the traditional tulle and ribbon-wrapped wedding candy, the ubiquitous Jordan almond. Personalized candy favors are more thoughtful and unique, and are just the kind of sweet treat that your guests will be delighted to take home.

Unique and Contemporary Designs

Any wedding favor you choose should coordinate with your wedding theme and colors. Please don't let the homemade look of candy wrappers often found on some sites put you off the idea of a keepsake candy wrapper favor. The exclusive designs found at WhimsyWraps make it easy to choose a wrapper that will complement your decor. Take the customization of your design even further by choosing a colored foil wrapper to enhance your table decoration and decor.

The Perfect Favor for Any Budget

Personalized candy wrappers are the perfect low cost favor for your wedding. You can save even more by ordering the wrappers only and then purchasing and wrapping the chocolate bars yourself. You will receive detailed instructions with your order on how to wrap the foils and bars.