Tips for Ordering Birth Announcements

The staff at WhimsyWraps have compiled their favorite tips for new parents for when it comes time to order birth announcement candy wrappers.

  • Choose a design that complements your own personal style and personality. The baby's personality will show through as a part of yours.
  • It's always a good idea to order a few extra birth announcements. You may later find a few friends or family that you've miss off your list. Also, you may want to keep a few as a keepsake.
  • Choose and pre-order your birth announcements before the baby is born. You won't have to fuss with the details once the newborn arrives, you can just email in the vital statistics to finish the order.
  • Take sometime and write your wording before you order your birth announcements. Wording can take longer than you think!
  • Check and double check the personalized message you have written. You don't want to delay your birth announcements because of a typo!
  • Start collecting names and addresses for the family and friends you would like to send birth announcements to before the baby's birth.
  • Birth announcements that include a photo are a great way to introduce the new addition to your family. However, no one expects you to send a photo with your birth announcements, so if you don?t have time to take a photo don?t fret.
  • Looking to lower the costs of your birth announcements? Order the unassembled version of your design and assemble it yourself. In this case, the next tip is a good idea...
  • As new parents, you will be living busy lives, be sure to enlist the help of family or close friends to prepare and send out the announcements for you.
  • It is not necessary to hand sign the announcement or include a personal note. Receivers understand that Mom and Dad are extremely busy, and they will appreciate just hearing from you and you sharing the news with them.

Personalized candy wrapper birth announcements are more thoughtful and unique than traditional card announcements, and are just the kind of sweet treat that your friends and family will be delighted to receive.