Anytime Chocolate Bars

Thank You Chocolate Bars

Any time is chocolate time, as far as we’re concerned. For those moments in life where you want to say “thanks” to a friend, or offer a little something to brighten someone’s day, we have a range of personalized chocolate bar options to match. Available as DIY wrappers only or assembled Hershey Milk or Belgian chocolate bars, our personalized chocolate treats are the perfect pick-me-up, way to say hello, or offer thanks for a favour. Customize them through colour choices, font selection, and photographs to come up with something memorable and unique.

The key to awareness is capturing attention, and chocolate is certainly attention-grabbing! Our range of awareness chocolate bars and chocolate bar wrappers offer the opportunity for customization — whether you’re planning a benefit, fundraiser, or conducting an auction to raise funds, our personalized chocolate bars make great table favours, or gift basket items. As well, they offer fundraising potential, and we’re always happy to include sponsor logos on either the front or back along with the promotion of your organization.