DIY Wrappers Only

for Hershey Milk, Nestle Aero, or Cadbury Caramilk bars

Every design we offer is available as pre-cut “wrappers only” for you to assemble yourself with chocolate you purchase locally.

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Custom printed wrappers are available in sizes to fit standard Hershey Milk, Nestle Aero or Cadbury Caramilk bars. Foil sheets are available in the colour of your choosing to first wrap over the existing packaging, re-creating the classic chocolate bar look. You then place your personalized wrapper over the foiled chocolate bar, securing it with a touch of glue or double-sided tape (not included). Easy to follow instructions are included with every order.


Frequently asked questions

What is included when I order wrappers only?

You will receive your printed wrappers, foil sheets in your selected colour and a printed copy of our step-by-step wrapping instructions. You will need to supply the chocolate bars your wrappers are sized to fit, and a glue stick or double-sided tape for assembly.

Which chocolate bars do your wrappers fit?

We currently offer wrappers sized to fit Hershey Milk, Nestle Aero or Cadbury Caramilk bars. You can view a helpful chocolate bar size chart that details the correct bar sizes, weights and other specifications. Please note that our wrappers are sized uniquely for each chocolate bar variety, and are not interchangeable.

What supplies do I need?

All you need are the wrappers and foil sheets we provide, the chocolate bars you’ve purchased, a standard glue stick or double-sided tape, and a little bit of time.

Is it hard to wrap chocolate bars?

Not at all! If you can wrap a gift, then you can wrap a chocolate bar, we promise. The process is simple, and we include helpful step-by-step instructions with your order to get you started. We typically also include an extra foil sheet or two with your order so you can get some practice in before the real wrapping begins.

How long will wrapping take?

Not long at all, and once you've got the hang of it the process moves quickly. Larger quantities require more time, of course, so plan accordingly. Set aside some time in the days leading up to your event to assemble your chocolate bars so you’re not rushing at the last minute. Consider asking friends or family to assist you to assemble a large quantity in record time – chocolate is a great motivator!

Should I remove the original packaging?

Our wrappers and assembly process are designed to work with the manufacturer’s original packaging, and we don’t recommend removing it. This preserves freshness, and ensures the ingredients and allergen warnings are available to the recipient. It’s also much less messy this way!

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